• Improvement in social acceptance of mining activities due to Social Awareness

SLIM project dedicates strong efforts to develop a new mining paradigm that has a better acceptance from a social
perspective. To attain this objective the project will organise a stakeholder forum and deploy a social communication plan that
includes special communication actions to local communities and for the general audience. The social actions of the project will
also include education programs and voluntary codes.

  • Deepening public’s knowledge about the mining sector

All the undertaken actions will certainly have a direct impact in the local communities around the participating mines, as well as
in the general audience of the regions where the mines are placed. The actions will be essentially focused on these two specific
targets, as well as in other interested stakeholders around these mining operations. The first expected impact is to extend the
general knowledge about the mining sector, trying to change bias opinions and improving the general perception of the sector
as a whole.

  • Employment potential of the sector

SLIM will directly increase the competitiveness and sustainability in the long term of the European mining sector,
contributing to the creation of employment in the sector. As known, the mining sector is one of the largest employers in Europe.
Currently the direct and indirect employment in the European mining sector is about 3.000.000 jobs.
The three mining companies involved in the project have around 267 direct and approximately 1050 induced jobs.

Participating Mines

  • ARNO, Spain: Current Jobs (direct/induced): 7/ 20 – Extension of mine-life (years): 40 – New Jobs: 6
  • ERZBERG, Austria: Current Jobs (direct/induced): 220/950 – Extension of mine-life (years): 10
  • ORGIVA, Spain: Current Jobs (direct/induced):  40/80 – Extension of mine-life (years): 40 – New Jobs: 20


  • Revival of mining areas

Besides, the growth of employment, the revival of the economy in the mining areas thanks to
SLIM technologies will certainly benefit important European regions. In addition, some of these regions are currently facing
economic and employment problems that will be addressed. The improvement of resource efficiency of new mining
technologies, will certainly increase the life of mines for many years more in very diverse mining regions in Europe and

  • New social models

In line with this, SLIM will develop new social models for mining companies, reducing the
environmental impact and improving the social responsibility with local environments. This will improve the social
acceptance of mining activities in local communities, integrating this activity with the regions’ activity in a more balanced
way. Improving the social image of mining will also have consequences, in long term, in the employment, as young skilled
workers will feel again attracted by this sector.

  • Highly qualified jobs

SLIM’s effect will cause an increase of the necessary human resources to exploit the mining resources
and to produce the new technologies needed for the mining activity. This will create a demand for high-quality jobs in the
mining sector, revitalising this sector with better human capital. The influence of the project will also be important for the
creation of new research jobs through the reinforcement of academic and research groups in innovation centres. An
increase of R&D projects in this domain would be very positive for the mining sector as a whole.