Large scales test: Launched the first campaign of blasts in El Aljibe (Spain)

Tests will offer information about rock-explosive interaction and environmental impact and safety

On June 6, 2017, SLIM project has launched the first campaign blasts in El Aljibe quarry (Spain). The blasts will complete the large scale tests which entail an important part of SLIM project. They will serve as a feedback to complete actions related to rock–explosive interaction, environmental impact and safety.

The blasts involve an intense monitoring in order to assess the following aspects:

–              Rock fragmentation using Lidar (in cooperation with LTU), UAV (in cooperation with MUL and TU GRAZ) and sieving.

–              Near field vibrations and in situ explosive performance.

–              Rock movement through high speed video camera.

–              Rock mass characteristics from photogrammetry, MWD and televiewer measurements.

–              Rock damage from televiewer measurements.

–              Airborne particulate matter and exposure to silica dust.

The three Spanish partners, ARNO, MAXAM and UPM are involved on planning and executing tests. In addition, LTU, TU GRAZ and MUL are helping the Spanish team to monitor fragmentation. Different companies like MARSAN, TOPCON and ICARIA are assisting the consortium on some of these measurements.