Local SLIM stakeholder workshop Austria

Photo: Borehole measurements at the Erzberg mine, SLIM, MUL

The workshop is intended to present the results of the project work and to discuss possible effects of the extraction of raw materials using blasting technology at the local level (as an example for the area around VA Erzberg). In particular, the area of “blasting technology” should be dealt with, as this has the highest relevance for the Austrian project partners of the project topics. In the course of the SLIM project, the blasting technology was examined from several sides: In addition to the development of a new type of explosive (by MAXAM, Spain), blast planning tools, forecast models for blasting vibrations and the effects of different blasting techniques on the subsequent activities (loading activity, crusher performance) were developed.
Of course, in addition to the technical aspects, other topics such as sustainability, security, regional development, etc. are discussed.

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