3GSM Software & Measurement


3GSM provides 3D imaging systems for rock and terrain surfaces focussing on the tunnelling and mining industry. Major applications include face profiling, blast planning, and geological mapping, as well as various surveying tasks.

3GSM owns all required software components and provides continuous development on their products. Users in over 40 countries endorse the ease of use and high cost-effectiveness of the BlastMetriX and ShapeMetriX product families including free-hand image taking with off-the-shelf cameras. Clients reach from smallest engineering consultancies to the largest mining enterprises in the world.

More recently, 3GSM added the processing of aerial imagery using micro-drones and according 3D model generation. This enables an all-in-one solution for the mining industry (surveying, blast design, and rock mass characterisation.

The latest innovation allows for the generation of 3D images in hardrock tunnelling with TBM’s. For the first time reproducible assessments of the tunnel face are available together with objective documentation.

3GSM – Simply Measure!

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