Start date: 23-10-2017
End date: 24-10-2017
Hosted by Montanuniversität Leoben, the SLIM project consortium meets for a review of the first project year ... The coordinator and the workpackage leaders present summaries of activities carried out in the past year, main achievements, technical meetings held, technical documents issued, deliverables in preparation or submitted. ... and a preview of the next six months with concern to ...
Start date: 18-10-2017
End date: 20-10-2017
Exposure of the Congress of the Society of the mineral indrustry in France. 3GSM showcases their software products for the industry in conjunction with their Frenche partners from Egide Environnement. Slim foolders will the presented at the booth.
Start date: 18-10-2017
End date:
OPPORTUNITIES WITH EIT RAWMATERIALS The workshop, its sessions and the round table intend to showcase to industries and SMEs the opportunities offered by EIT RawMaterials as the reference organisation in Europe to address technological challenges in the primary resources sector. The event opens opportunities for joining the EIT RawMaterials network, accessing funding instruments and ...
Start date: 29-03-2017
End date: 30-03-2017
Preliminary Agenda 8:00: Vibrations from Underground Limestone Blasting in Ohio, Mike Mann, ODNR; 9:00: Blasting Around the World, Frank Sames, Austin Powder Co.; 10:15: Cap Rock Reduction in a Limestone Quarry, Adam Young, Orica; 11:00: Driller and Blaster Communication, Brian Wingfield, ISEE; 1:00: Brilliant on the Basics, Joe Nawrocki, Dyno Nobel; 1:45: Applying UAV ...
Start date: 19-02-2017
End date: 22-02-2017
The 2017 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 119th National Western Mining Conference Technical Sessions are available for download as a printable PDF. The Technical Session Guide is complete with session titles, authors, chairs and abstracts.
Start date: 29-01-2017
End date: 01-02-2017
The world’s largest conference on explosives engineering, attended by "nearly 1,600 blasters, manufacturers, government officials and industry leaders" and sponsored by the International Society of Explosives Engineers was held in Orlando, Florida from January 29 - February 1, 2017.
Start date: 22-11-2016
End date: 23-11-2016
The first SLIM Consortium Meeting was hosted by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – ETSI Minas y Energía. In the presence of EC Project Officer Marko Cacanoski, Project coordinator José Ángel Sanchidrián gave a review of the backgrounds, the milestones, and expected impacts of the project. SLIM focusses on Sustainable Low Impact Mining solutions for ...